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TAs Twelve

Discussion in 'The Best of 2019' started by TA-THANX, Jan 17, 2020.

  1. It's been a slow year photography wise, again. But the drone put a little "Sparke" back into it but that had its "ups and downs" the weather being a big part in if you can fly or not, a bit of wind is ok but rain is a big no no.
    So there might be one or two shots from the drone in this lot. Lets hope for better things in 2020.

    1. I'll start with a big fail but I'm showing it anyway. The weather was spot on for a spontaneous blast up the Lakes on my bike, early evening to miss the crowds all the way over Hardknott Pass to get some drone shots of the roman fort. All went well until I started to download the pics and video, and the card failed :dummy:So all I had was the cache images that are saved on my phone.
    [​IMG]Hardknott fort by ta-thanx, on Flickr

    2. The next two are another example of just nipping out and liking the look of the evening light and heading for the coast, had the drone in the car it wasn't planned but worked out ok.
    Southport Pier and the Lakes in the distance.

    [​IMG]DJI_0161_Moment(4) by ta-thanx, on Flickr

    3. Spin around from that one and got this one, I just like the colours.
    [​IMG]Southport by ta-thanx, on Flickr

    4. Another favourite area of mine are the Yorkshire Dales, this is Dentdale.
    [​IMG]Dentdale by ta-thanx, on Flickr

    5. This was my first visit to this place after meaning to go for years.
    High Force.
    [​IMG]High force falls by ta-thanx, on Flickr

    6. Taken on the same day as above but this time using the drone to get a lower point of view of the river Lune near Tebay. I had visions of this being a very expensive attempt at a photo.
    [​IMG]bridge crop by ta-thanx, on Flickr

    7. I've got to put at least one firework shot in from this year at Southport again.
    [​IMG]_MG_9706 by ta-thanx, on Flickr

    8. Not the best surroundings but the Bobbin in the garden made me smile.
    [​IMG]Bobbin by ta-thanx, on Flickr

    9. A nutters day out in the Dales, this was on the road to Buttertubs Pass.
    [​IMG]DJI_0090 by ta-thanx, on Flickr

    10. A now a few from the Scottish bash.
    Everything I love about the highlands empty roads and fantastic views.
    [​IMG]Rush Hour by ta-thanx, on Flickr

    [​IMG]DSCF4553 by ta-thanx, on Flickr

    [​IMG]DJI_0146 by ta-thanx, on Flickr

    13. Just because :)
    [​IMG]DJI_0139 (2) by ta-thanx, on Flickr
  2. It's really good to see you having so much fun with the drone. If I flew a big one the way I fly our cats' toy drone, then I will give it a miss! So good to see Buttertubs too - it's many, many years since I was there last. All of these from Scotland show the scale and drama of the scenery. Looking forward to you getting back to Hardknott Pass this year :)
  3. An excellent selection, numbers 11 and 13 are belters. :thumbup:
  4. Stansgang

    Stansgang Keep it straight!

    For me the drone ones of our Nutters trip reminds me of how great a time we have,hope you bring it along again.
  5. Oy

    Oy Seen nowt know nowt. Staff Member

    Good stuff - that little drone gives some interesting shots! (Mine's on order as is 4 days of pro drone pilot training)

    5 and 11 for me. High Force is still on my list!
  6. Forgot to mention your High Force pic in my post above. It's a cracker.
    Had a wonderful holiday just down the road from it in Middleton in Teesdale a few years ago, and paid it a few visits.
  7. Dvorak

    Dvorak The Horizon Police

    Good to have your company, good to have these shots.

    Shout out for the big toy which is doing its stuff nicely for us all.

    A different perspective and always an interesting one. Keep them coming in 2020!
  8. A lovely varied set, as said the drone give an interesting different perspective.
  9. Yes the drone pictures are new and something different. certainly produce great images and sharp.
  10. enjoyed your twelve! the bridge with rushing water really stands out!
  11. I love the Scottish ones. Number 13 is my favourite so I'll let you off for going > 12!
  12. A good year and that drone being used as it should, with a great set all round it’s the bakers shot for me.
  13. Such a great eclectic series of shots and many worthy of framing. For me, No12 stands out.
  14. A good year and fantastic shots, my favourites being 4 & 11

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