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Stan's Average Attempts At Photography In 2019

Discussion in 'The Best of 2019' started by stanokella, Jan 29, 2020.

  1. So here's my 12 of the year, wasn't a good year. Started with being stuck in from another knee op in December and went even worse as my mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Not much wish to take pics, let alone the chance to. Some trips have given a few shots here, as I didn't manage 12 goes out with the camera.

    First trip out as i rehabbed the knee, nearly coughed a lung and couldn't walk for a week after:
    [​IMG]Hallin Fell by Stan O'Kella, on Flickr

    Just to show how much of a wimp I am, Molly trotted about like it was just a wander up the stairs:
    [​IMG]Molly The Mountineer by Stan O'Kella, on Flickr

    the Trinnacle on the edge of the Peak District, another hobble on the rehab trail:
    [​IMG]Three Amigos by Stan O'Kella, on Flickr

    No main subject, but I loved the light:
    [​IMG]Contrast by Stan O'Kella, on Flickr

    Same day:
    [​IMG]Reaching by Stan O'Kella, on Flickr

    My girls:
    [​IMG]Tired Little Legs by Stan O'Kella, on Flickr

    I like sheeps:
    [​IMG]Just Chewing The Cud by Stan O'Kella, on Flickr

    Another hobble:
    [​IMG]Conquered Cairn by Stan O'Kella, on Flickr

    A favourite place, and this was a pop to it on the way from from the last pic.
    [​IMG]Ashness At The Close by Stan O'Kella, on Flickr

    From the Turkeybuster:
    [​IMG]Darkest Derwent by Stan O'Kella, on Flickr

    First visit to Wastwater:
    [​IMG]Splash Wast by Stan O'Kella, on Flickr

    [​IMG]Choppy by Stan O'Kella, on Flickr
  2. Oh, what a cracking set and I'm glad you got out a bit. I honestly can't pick a favourite - I love the first and I love those just about the light. I'm puzzled about the Trinnacle because I understood that was a lengthy trek. Well done for getting up there and even more so for such a stunning shot. Here's to better times this year :)
  3. Dvorak

    Dvorak The Horizon Police

    Yes, all big landscapes and all epic views. But why not - these are a fine showcase for what you like to do and it's terrific to see you out and about doing it.

    Keep them coming please and thanks for your company in the last year again.
  4. Stansgang

    Stansgang Keep it straight!

    For a bloke with gammy knees you don't half bring us some stunning landscapes,smashing set.
  5. A brilliant set. If I had to pick my favourites, I would say numbers one and three, but it's a very difficult choice. :thumbup:
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2020
  6. Oy

    Oy Seen nowt know nowt. Staff Member

    I sense a landscape theme going on here - some fine shots!

    No5 my pick of the pix :)
  7. Sorry to hear about your really bad year. The quality of the photos didn't suffer as the are all superb. I expect your appreciation of them was subdued by all your challenges. If your pics in 2020 are going to be better than these then its going to be a great year.
  8. Not bad for an average attempt, in fact all 1st class with the one with the lone tree being my favourite.
  9. I think you have done quite well considering. So many lovely landscapes here and that puppy dog on the shoulder is great also
  10. A really stunning set and hard to choose a favourite, but the very first shot instantly jumped out to me. a beautiful shot.
  11. Hope your year is better this year. Love the sheep and the trinnacle.
  12. An excellent, varied set and all good to see. The Ashness shot is the shot for me.
  13. Wonderful landscape shots, all are excellent, there is something about the tree, #5 that makes it memorable for me.
  14. Stunning set
  15. sorry for all your knee and family illness issues but these are superb! that first is absolutely amazing and the rest are fab!!!

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