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Dreis dozen

Discussion in 'The Best of 2019' started by Drei Löwen, Jan 19, 2020.

  1. Tried to choose the best photo of the month for me but did not always get a chance to take much. So decided to do via best three in quarter year. My best three from the first quarter are the following:

    Quite like toucans

    [​IMG]Tucan by Mike Heneghan, on Flickr

    One from the butterfly farm

    [​IMG]Tailed Jay by Mike Heneghan, on Flickr

    One from the mountains - Grindlewald First

    [​IMG]First panorama SN by Mike Heneghan, on Flickr

    From the second quarter Seville was highlight

    Las setas (The mushroom)

    [​IMG]Las Setas BW by Mike Heneghan, on Flickr

    Maria Padilla baths

    [​IMG]Maria Padilla baths by Mike Heneghan, on Flickr

    From the third quarter I stole a chance from second quarter


    [​IMG]Best wedding location by Mike Heneghan, on Flickr


    [​IMG]Matterhorn small by Mike Heneghan, on Flickr

    Lenny & Leo

    [​IMG]Young mans best friend by Mike Heneghan, on Flickr

    St Gallen Dom

    [​IMG]St. gallen Dom inside by Mike Heneghan, on Flickr

    Final quarter

    Chance to use my filters in Triberg

    [​IMG]DSC01008 copy by Mike Heneghan, on Flickr

    Blea tarn

    [​IMG]Blea Tarn by Mike Heneghan, on Flickr


    [​IMG]Bruges at night by Mike Heneghan, on Flickr

    Thanks for all the comments and noms during the year.
  2. Oy

    Oy Seen nowt know nowt. Staff Member

    Super set mate - all top drawer :)
  3. Stansgang

    Stansgang Keep it straight!

    Yes agree super set,great light in them.
  4. Cracking dozen
    I missed some of these first time around as I've not been very active on the great site. So I'm glad to see these now
  5. Dvorak

    Dvorak The Horizon Police

    First rate stuff - terrific scenery, terrific scenes - and very well presented indeed.

    Cheers for your company throughout 2019. Keep them coming please.
  6. wonderful set. love las setas.
  7. A class set of pics. The light on the Matterhorn is just stunning, but you can tell it's one of those photos that doesn't do it justice if you get what I mean, you just can't get the scale of things at times.
  8. What an incredible, varied and colourful set (apart from the B&W of course). I love the mossy greens and shutter speed at Triberg and the autumn colours at Blea Tarn. Looking forward to more of the same this year :)
  9. Class year you had, with a top set of images. The Matterhorn wins for me, partial to a peak, that I am.
  10. Great showing here and a grand year for you
  11. Brilliant set. Can't pick a winner there.
  12. Very nice Lenny & Leo a great capture.
  13. Stunning set of shots every one a winner but the mushroom #4 stands out for me, love the abstract feel and curves.
  14. A really good set and difficult to chose my favourite. However, Blea Tarn is superb.
  15. A stunning set which are all good with my favourite being ... Schwarzsee

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