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Zooey's Dozen

Discussion in 'The Best of 2019' started by Zooey, Jan 13, 2020.

  1. Oooh look - a nice clean section. It almost seems a shame to start writing in it :)

    Seeing as I had these chosen in LR on 1st January, it's about time I posted so I can delete the collection. The first is our dear Chai, taken in winter sun on our bed. She was terribly tortured as a kitten in Romania, but turned into the most trusting and loving cat.


    Now a few from Scotland. I had the most horrendous first couple of days. Having driven from Sussex to Northumberland, my car started refusing to lock, my satnav stopped talking to me and my gear and I got a soaking on Bamburgh beach on the first evening. The following morning I had regrouped, went back to the beach before sunrise to find my D800 had apparently packed up. Twenty minutes later and I had pretty much decided my only option was to abandon my trip, when I discovered the button on the cable release was locked. With a now working camera, I rushed up the beach to get this.


    Then on to Castle Stalker, where I walked ten minutes, spent another ten setting up the shot, to find the locking screw on my tripod was missing. I rushed back to the car to find it sitting in the carry case.


    It rained the whole of the next day, but the following morning I was able to find the pine trees on Loch Tulla.


    My husband kindly bought my first two lenses for the D800, but he still doesn't know about the macro lens I bought myself. I have had so much fun with this lens and can't wait to spend all my time at the reserves this year. Red and black soldier beetle.


    Green leaf weevil.


    An encounter between a marbled white butterfly and a hoverfly.


    I stumbled across this beetle at a local country park. He climbed part way up this stem, but kept slipping round to the back (which was inaccessible to me). He simply stayed put as I gently pulled him back round and he remains one of my best bug finds of the year. Golden bloomed grey longhorn beetle.


    An afternoon spent with hubby at a new reserve and he still didn't notice my lens. White legged damselfly.


    Hubby also kindly sent me off for my second landscape trip of the year. I returned to Hope Valley in the Peak District, although this image of a ruined barn was taken in Staffordshire. It is now mounted and framed on the wall in our study.


    Winnat's Pass at sunrise.


    And finally, a trip to Felixstowe where this proved harder to photograph than it looks. The high tide was approaching from the side, where the beach fell away sharply. I got soaked up to my waist and returned home two hours later, still sopping wet.

  2. Spectacular collection!! Can't choose a favorite!!
  3. Have to agree. Superb landscapes and pin sharp macro.
  4. All excellent images - what a great photo year you had.
  5. Was a good year for you, a great selection
  6. Dvorak

    Dvorak The Horizon Police

    A lovely set from the great outdoors: memories for us and for you. A careful choice I am sure when you've given us so many gems.

    Loch Tulla and the sunrise are my personal favourites. I've been luck enough to be driven past this wonderful settings several times in recent years and you got the setting spot on. And that sunrise was really worth the time and climb!

    Thanks for your company and images this year - appreciate you joining in and sharing the menagerie madness.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2020
  7. Fabulous set and some strange creapy crawly mini beasts.
  8. Another excellent and varied selection every one a winner.
  9. Nothing but winners here. Excellent
  10. Stansgang

    Stansgang Keep it straight!

    Some scenes some of us have seen for real, so good to see again.
  11. Lovely stuff. It would be impossible to pick a favourite!
  12. Oy

    Oy Seen nowt know nowt. Staff Member

    Fab set as always :)
  13. Its a fantastic set, you can't pick a winner. I hope to get to that standard with bugs one day.
  14. Quality set, and all great images on their own right.

    Though for me has to be Winnats Pass, driven though never climbed it.
  15. A fantastic set and everyone a gem. You have come a long way with your photography, especially with your new camera - and long may it last :) Hope Valley gets my vote.

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