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Last From The Turkeybuster

Discussion in 'Landscapes and outdoor scenes' started by stanokella, Jan 13, 2020.

  1. Yes... I like it too. It has mood :)
  2. Oy

    Oy Seen nowt know nowt. Staff Member

    Yep - nice moody pic. Castle Crag nestled in the middle there :)
  3. Super moody
  4. Dvorak

    Dvorak The Horizon Police

    You have a good eye - and found a very good result.
  5. Like it, as said very moody
  6. I see the weather was great :). Very dark and moody.
  7. Plenty of mood and gloom here
  8. Moody blues and blacks...
  9. Stansgang

    Stansgang Keep it straight!

    No need to go mono with this, great as it is.

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