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Discussion in 'Flora & fauna' started by gfitzgerald, Feb 6, 2020.

  1. Last edited: Feb 7, 2020
  2. Dvorak

    Dvorak The Horizon Police

    Now I can see all this draining you speak of. As they shots are all in separate threads I was viewing them in the wrong order!

    The panning works well here to add an almost oil paint feel to the dried mud and the eye is clear so a good shot. Maybe not so tight in frame would save a few pixels and add to the overall feel?
  3. Lovely sharp bif shot Glenn
  4. Thanks Dv. Put you another up with less crop
  5. Thank you Shirley for commenting
  6. Stansgang

    Stansgang Keep it straight!

    Its the eye that makes it.
  7. Thanks. Yes, not much without that eye

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