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Drone Register

Discussion in 'General chit-chat' started by stanokella, Nov 6, 2019.

  1. For those of us with a drone, you have to register and pass an online theory test to obtain an operator and flyer ID. It covers drones over 250g up to 20kg.

    It becomes law from 30/11/19 to register and pass the test.

    Of course there is a fee -£9

    Here is the site-

  2. Or swap the Spark for a Mavic mini. :)
  3. It's gone up. The BMFA are in discussions with the CAA and the Dept for Transport. I'll update you if anything makes a difference. I'm still waiting to find out who is going to enforce this stupid legislation!
  4. Extract from the BMFA website. Let me tell you there is so much ill feeling about this from the modelling fraternity that I suspect the police are going to have a fine old time prosecuting otherwsie law abiding citizens. It also has the potential to destroy a hobby that has been going for many many years such is the depth of feeling. To say that I and others are really pi$$ed about it is an understatement. Anyway, here we go.
    The situation can be summarised as follows:

    1. At the present time, the UK Associations will have no direct involvement in the registration of their individual members into the DRES as operators or confirmation of their competency as remote pilots.
    2. Compliance with the requirements of the DRES will therefore be entirely a matter for individual members to decide upon.
    3. Whilst the UK Associations would obviously encourage members to participate in the DRES, we will have no direct involvement with it and cannot monitor or enforce compliance (coupled with the fact that only those members flying aircraft weighing more than 250g outdoors are required to register). Compliance will therefore be advisory rather than a condition of membership.
    4. However, it is important to note that the insurance cover provided to members covers ‘lawful and recognised activities’ and as such cover could only be assured for those operating lawfully (which includes participation in the DRES where required from the 30th November) which members should consider when deciding how to proceed. We are still working with insurers to clarify the final position in terms of members and clubs.
  5. Crazy including models in this load of codswallop. I know that you are ment to keep it in line of sight, which I do but you tend to watch the screen a lot, how flying models is a very hand eye operation.
    But I'm sure the scroats that use drones to drop drugs over prison walls with register themselves, not!
  6. I'm all operator and flyer ID up now just need to label the drone now.
  7. Me too, you’d think they would give you some labels for the 9 quid!
  8. Setting up a drone dymo labelling service ;)
  9. Hehe, don’t forget the 3mm minimum!

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