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Bell Tower

Discussion in 'Architecture' started by Delboy, Feb 9, 2020.

  1. [​IMG]DEL_4462 Russian Bell Tower by delboys, on Flickr

    Taken by "She Who Must Be Obeyed"
    17th century Wooden Russian Bell Tower situated in Hamilton Gardens was presented to Hamilton by the mayor of Moscow, Y.Lyzhkov

    The actual bell was cast in January 2002, is 80 per cent copper and 20 per cent tin. It weighs 64kg, is 428mm in diameter and 475mm in height. The bell is decorated and includes wording in old Slavic script, which says "Gift from Government of Moscow City".
  2. Very nice. I just seen a show on Quest channel that was about casting the bells and the content of metal it took for it to not crack. Showed them doing the complete thing start to finish. Very interesting
  3. Stansgang

    Stansgang Keep it straight!

    Nice and sharp standing out against the sky.
  4. A nice, detailed pic.
  5. Lovely composition with path and appearing from between the shrubs. Very stylish architecture.
  6. Nicely framed with good light.
  7. And pleasant shot it is as well.
  8. That's a fascinating bit of architecture :)
  9. She Who Must Be Obeyed said "many thanks to all of you, for the lovely comments, did not expect to get such a high response".
    I don't know why as she can take a very mean photo when she puts her mind to it.
  10. This is a nice shot of a fine structure
    The trees frame it nicely and the little boardwalk takes you up into the frame
  11. A very slight rotation to the right is needed for me.
    Apart from that nice framing with the path taking you into the shot. Interesting subject.
  12. Thank you Deebo for your comment
    Ta TA-THANX . Very restricted room to take a shot of this tower it is completely surrounded by trees. I know "she who must be obeyed" spent a considerable amount of time getting the best POV and I think she did a good considering the restricted area this tower is in.

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