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Barn Owl

Discussion in 'Flora & fauna' started by Straker, Feb 9, 2020.

  1. Wow, what a spectacular image!
  2. Nice one
  3. A beautiful pic.
  4. Oy

    Oy Seen nowt know nowt. Staff Member

    That's a stunner - and the emergence from behind the shrubbery really works!
  5. Dvorak

    Dvorak The Horizon Police

    That is a beautiful image. Clear, unnervingly crisp and detailed. And really well composed with its background (and ideally placed foreground) detail.
  6. Stansgang

    Stansgang Keep it straight!

    The foreground places it in its natural habitat, nice that.
  7. Cracking shot - sharp and the dof is spot on. I think that it is a female - dark around the face and spots on the underside.
  8. Just brilliant Focus & DOF spot on.
  9. Stunningly crisp, button a fan of the shrubbery though.
  10. Wow. Just wow... :)
  11. Thank you everyone for your comments :)
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2020
  12. Could we fit just one more "WOW" in here please?

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