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American Ring Billed Gull

Discussion in 'Flora & fauna' started by jon_t, Nov 6, 2019.

  1. I was thinking about this bird today so looked at the images and found a few raw shots unprocessed,this being one of them of the stunning first Summer bird at Preston Docks in 2015,which was the last of the species I have seen ,it seems they are in steep decline in the UK after peaking in the 1990's and as the old returning birds die out it seems fewer are reaching our shores and what was once a fairly regular site in gull roosts now is almost at vagrant status again ,so thought this birds shot was worth another look at.

    Ring Billed Gull

    [​IMG]Ringed Billed Gull - 1st Summer by John Tymon, on Flickr

  2. That's a beauty and I have only ever seen one in Cornwall last year. Good history too :thumbup:
  3. Stansgang

    Stansgang Keep it straight!

    Can see why it's got that name, never seen one before or if I have I didn't know what it was.Nice shot.
  4. to confuse matters Common Gulls in winter have a ringed bill too so don't think if you see one in asda car park its one of these ,it will be a common gull :)
  5. Dvorak

    Dvorak The Horizon Police

    And another successful big tick! :)
  6. A beauty

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